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Electric Bike FAQ

Getting a new electric bike in any form, can be a source of confusion especially current UK law. We have clarified the main points below but we urge you to seek advice if you are unsure. We are happy to provide advice and guidance.

Electric Scooters

Usually, two wheeled devices that weigh under 20kg. Increasingly popular in cities for commuting to work although with better suspension and more powerful motors scooters have become an off road alternative. In general the greater the power (Wattage W) the faster the scooter will go and therefore we will not sell more powerful scooters to under 18's.

As the UK law goes, these are not currently legal for use on UK highways and roads. The government are currently reviewing legislation, fast tracking plans to trial them in cities. 

For now at least, they are only legal to be used for recreational use on private land and parks.

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Side view of young cyclist riding e-bike along trail in forest having concentrated express

Electric Bicycles

Electric Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs) are standard bicycles but with an electric motor to assist with speeds up to 15mph.

For most electric bikes, you do not need a licence. Only if the bike has a motor rated more than 250W or an assissted speed of higher than 15.5mph will you need a licence. What this means is that the motor will only assist you up to 15.5mph, and then after this it will cut out and you need to keep on pedalling to gain more speed. 

Any electric bike that is capable of a speed in excess of 15.5mph or has a motor rating above 250w is generally referred to as a as a speed pedelec, or s-pedelec. In the UK these bikes are classed as L1e category road vehicles and require registration with DVLA for use on the public highway. 

Electric Mopeds and Motorcycles

Electric mopeds are restricted to 28mph (45kmh). These can be thought of in a similar way to a 50cc petrol moped.


As a moped, they can be ridden by any rider 16 or over who has either passed a CBT course or has category AM or P on their existing driver licence. These are classed as L1e-B, which is the same as a Speed Pedelec (L1e-B).

Car drivers who passed their test before February 2001 generally will have this category AM or P already on their licence, or have a full motorcycle licence, and are not required to take a CBT course (please double check that this is the case).

Electric scooters / motorbikes that are capable of speeds in excess of 28mph / 45kmph are classed as L3e-A1. There is no speed restriction however you must be 17 or above and have passed a CBT course OR have a full motorcycle licence. 

UK Government guidelines can be found HERE.