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Electric Mobility Brought to you by 123NetZero Limited

With the world rapidly changing, new ways of working and mobility becoming the focus of our attention we are proud to provide a range of products electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, electric bikes and electric scooters that will help move us all forward to becoming Net Zero. We are passionate about technology and clean energy and strive to provide you with the best products that we can find on the market today. We are based in Oxford England. Come ride with us on the electric revolution!

"The fact remains that man has unprecedented control over the world and everything in it. And so, whether he likes it or not, what happens next is very largely up to him."

-David Attenborough.

Electric Mobility 


We provide a range of high quality electric motorcycles  that are designed to be practical for commuting, delivery applications and to bring joy to all from learners to those who want freedom.

We source our range of scooters from valued partners who provide us with great service and value for money.

Currently we have a range of scooters in the L1 and L3 categories the equivalent of 50 and 125cc conventional scooters.

We aim to be adding to our range over the current months and we can source specific electric motorcycles for our customers.


Take your scooter game to the next level with our range of electric scooters for adults and children. We're proud to offer the latest scooters from some of the best brands, including QuickWheel, E-Fox, Hx and Umiqi. Enjoy a battery-powered boost as you scoot, with plenty of electric scooters for kids to choose from, as well as adult electric scooters for older adrenaline junkies!

eScooter law - not to be used on public roads, cycle paths or pavements. Only on private land with the landowner's consent.

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Electric Bikes help save the environment, your health and your wallet at the same time. Not only will you be saving money on ever rising fuel costs, you will also be getting some valuable exercise and improving your health with minimal effort.

With an ever growing range of E-bikes, including, Himo and GeoByke we have the bike that will suit your requirement.


Whether you need to power your fleet, your employees vehicles, cars, vans or just want your customers to have access to the latest EV charging points, we offer a completely personalised solution that will suit your individual operation.

The way we see it, there’s still much more we can do — together. Join us in getting all people and goods moving on electricity.

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